How to manage template scripting

Check out how you can implement template scripting in your emails.  Script fields are denoted with {{ }}. Make sure Template Scripting is enabled in your Account’s Sending Settings. Javascript can be used inside the script fields. Script fields can be used in the subject, HTML, and text body.**Note: due to subject field size limit, […]

نحوه استفاده از عکس های Nifty در قالب خبرنامه

با استفاده از عکس های Nifty برای مخاطبین خود خبرنامه های اختصاصی طراحی کنید! در پروفایل کاربری خود در Nifty گزینه “Create Image Or Timer” را انتخاب کنید. گزینه “New Personalized Image” را انتخاب کنید. عکس مورد نظرتان را انتخاب یا آپلود کنید.سپس تنظیمات را ذخیره کنید. در قسمت EPS گزینه “ElasticMail” را انتخاب کنید. […]

What is the difference between marketing and transactional email

تفاوت بین ایمیل های بازاریابی و ایمیل های تعاملی Depending on the type of mail you send, your approach to designing and deploying your email campaigns may change. Here are some tips to help you understand what type of mail you send and  how you may best optimize your campaign management to produce the best […]

How to design emails for Outlook recipients

نحوه تنظیمات خبرنامه برای گیرندگان outlook This article will cover some tips to help you get the best results when sending to outlook inboxes. Outlook is one of the more popular mail clients for receiving emails however it can be one of the more difficult inboxes in regards to how your email is displayed. Here […]

How to run an A/X split test

یک روش مناسب برای سنجیدن بازدهی قالب ایمیل های ارسالی و نحوه واکنش کاربران به قالب خبرنامه A/X split testing is a good way to test how your mail or message is doing and how your subscribers are responding to it. Find out more. Rather than stopping at just A/B testing – one message vs […]

How to use merge fields

استفاده از اطلاعات کاربران برای شخصی سازی خبرنامه Merge fields are special tags used in your emails and templates that will be replaced with appropriate content. Note some merge fields require a contact record to work while others like {unsubscribe} or {view} do not. We recommend using your own logo for tags like unsubscribe so […]

How to manage templates

نحوه مدیریت قالب های خبرنامه A good template can be used again and again. Become familiar with your templates screen and all that it has to offer. Elastic Email supports both body_text and body_html in our emails. Templates in HTML can be used over and over in your emails. My Templates The “My Templates” tab […]

How to customize a gallery template

نحوه ویرایش قالب آماده ایمیل Elastic Email offers a gallery of free pre-designed templates to help get you started. It is easy to customize a pre-designed template. Navigate to your Templates Screen, select the Gallery tab, and then choose from one of the pre-designed templates. Choose your own template name and set the template defaults […]