How to find full message headers

Find out how you can easily obtain full message headers from most popular mail services. In most cases, the steps for obtaining full message headers will be similar, but they may differ from one mail service to another: Log into your inbox account. Open (or right-click in Hotmail) the email you want to see the […]

How to reduce email bounce rate

نحوه کاهش نرخ ایمیل های غیرفعال Effective ways to reduce your bounce rate and experience more sending success. There are many different reasons that will cause an email to bounce. There are also different categories of bounce known as hard and soft bounces. Here are some steps you can take to improve your delivery rate and prevent […]

How to manage reputation and delivery

Account reputation is designed to be a reflection of the quality of email being sent on the account. Improving an account’s reputation will simultaneously improve an account’s delivery and vice versa. How is my account reputation calculated? Each Elastic Email account has its own reputation and can be accessed in your account. Points are deducted for […]

What are the feedback loops

Feedback loops allow us to know who is complaining about your email. “Feedback Loop” is a term used to describe any process in a system that uses the outcome of a situation as future input. If we are to apply this concept to email, then basically a feedback loop is any feature or mechanism that […]

What are abuse reports

Abuse Reports: What are they and how to avoid them. Abuse Reports occur when someone marks your email as junk or spam. Does this mean that you are a spammer? Not always. Valid email from time to time will get marked as spam by users. Some users are simply too lazy to unsubscribe properly when […]

What is throttling

The term “throttling” means that the email delivery rate is intentionally being slowed down. Between your system and ours As you may know, Elastic Email is an all-in-one email delivery platform. We offer an SMTP Relay and HTTP API as well as the User Interface to submit emails. For users that connect and send via […]

What are the bounce error categories and filters

دلایل مختلف غیر فعال بودن ایمیل Learn about all statuses that can be generated by your bounced emails. If an email bounces, this means that there is likely a permanent or temporary reason the email could not be delivered. If not stated otherwise, Elastic Email system will work to send the email for up to […]

What is the complaints threshold

دلایل و قوانین غیر فعال شدن پنل ایمیل مارکتینگ Elastic Email enforces the acceptable industry standard for complaints. What is a “Complaint”? A “Complaint” is also known as an “Abuse Report” is when a recipient marks an email as “Spam” or “Junk”, effectively moving the email from their inbox to their Spam/Junk folder.  Or when a recipient […]

How to search email logs

نحوه جستجو در تاریخچه ایمیل های ارسال شده The search tool in your email logs will return all of the emails for a specific email address that was sent in the last 35 days. From your Reports Screen, select your Email Logs. Use the search tool to find all of the emails sent to a […]

How to find a MessageID

آی دی منحصر به فرد هر ایمیل در پنل Elastic Email uses MessageID as a way to uniquely identify emails. Elastic Email uses MessageID as a way to uniquely identify emails. If you have a question or concern about a specific email, Elastic Email Customer Success staff can use the MessageID to quickly look up […]